I advance the ones who advance our world. 


I am an entrepreneur, creator, mystic, adventurer, connector, and fierce advocate for what I’m passionate about.  

I’m passionate about helping people unlock inspiration, healing, efficiency, and effectiveness for the sake of the greater good.

My vision for the greater good is:

·         To transform loneliness to legacy and disconnection to connection

·         To turn isolation into healthy, inclusive community where we support each other

·         To solve big world problems with great innovative solutions 

I advance the influencers and impacters who elevate our world to courage, connection, creativity, innovation, purpose, fulfillment, and bliss. When we are all living our dream, we can create the collective dream for a better world.


 My story starts with adventure.

As a baby, I was spotted crawling into the Atlantic Ocean sans floaties. Today, adventure still calls to me as opportunity, refuge, and challenge. I’ve done conservation work in the Amazon, carved double black diamonds in Vail, ziplined in the Costa Rica rainforest, surfed in Baja Mexico, walked on the Great Wall in China, and written my name on the wall of Hemingway’s favorite café in Cuba. (All sans floaties.)


 Next, tech.

In my early 20s, I got into the tech industry for the thrill of creating something from nothing. My knack for solving complex issues quickly advanced my career from developer to project manager. I became known for finding the bug in pages of code and creating custom tools for specific business needs. However, I knew I could do more for my community and business world, so I took my skills in process improvement, project management, and automation to set off on my next adventure. 


Then I opened a youth center in Colorado.

While volunteering for a youth ministry, I saw the statistics coming true: high students suffering depression, abuse, and lost opportunities. Local schools were cutting the arts and students were cutting class. My solution? A youth center to connect high schoolers with their passions, skills, and visions for a thriving future. Students went from “woe is me” to “here is how I can lead” with new job skills and contributions to the community. My work was complete when the non-profit served 300 youth per day with a self-sustaining business model, and I set off on my next adventure.

The under served families of Mexico called me.

My next season of service was in Baja, Mexico, where I partnered with a local organization to expand its reach. I turned the Mexico success into a repeatable program to open new campuses in Nicaragua and Romania. Taking on the impossible taught me that when I’m doing what I’m made for, huge transformation takes place. With my heart full of hope, I stepped into the final adventure that would bring them all together.  

My final adventure is to liberate the legacy in all of us.

The common thread throughout my career was helping people and organizations achieve their dreams. I combined my passion for innovation, process improvement, and sustainable growth with new training as a certified coach. I liberated my superpower of leading people to freedom for the sake of serving the greater good. My final adventure is to liberate legacies all over the world. Won’t you join me?