What if all you had to do was show up and coach?

Did you become a coach to chase down clients for late payments, remember a bazillion passwords, and manage unlimited spreadsheets? Or did you get into the industry to create deep human connections, live true to yourself and change the world?  

My personal values of efficiency, innovation, creativity, and impact join with years of business operations and tech experience for an all-in-one solution to every coach’s business needs.  

With Biz-In-a-Box, you get to focus all your energy on what you do best: coaching. Add a personal touch where it’s needed and let your Biz Bot automate everything else. With less time behind a computer, you will have more energy to serve your clients and bring your true purpose to life.  


10 Tools in One 

What if you could cancel all the following business services? 

  • Project management software

  • Scheduling tool

  • Accounting software

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Time tracking tool

  • Business email service

  • Survey & form tool

  • Digital signature  

Today’s marketplace has a tool for every aspect of your coaching business – but you’re left to put the pieces together yourself. That’s why I created Biz-In-a-Box. Combine all your existing platforms into one convenient tool and say goodbye to the rest.

Biz-In-a-Box Does It All  

Open up your Coaching Portal and see all your critical business updates at a glance. You’ll never have to go hunting for missing invoices, client messages, survey forms, or project statuses again.  

Features include:   

  • Accounting

  • Address Book

  • Scheduling & Calendar

  • Automated Communication

  • Customizable Templates & Scripts

  • Reminders & Follow Ups

  • To-Do List

  • Time Tracking

  • Call Log & Notes

  • Multiple Users

  • Branded Domain & Design

  • Customer Support


One-Time Setup for Years of Results

I will walk you through an easy 8-week process to customize Biz-In-a-Box for your personal needs, and you’ll have the rest of your career to reap the benefits: 

  • Fully automated business processes

  • Pre-scripted emails and forms

  • 2 or more service offerings in one place

  • 80% less administrative time

  • X savings on business tools

  • Professional client experience

  • All-in-one platform for all business needs

Business Automation. Client Transformation.

Biz-In-a-Box does the heavy lifting so your clients receive a seamless experience through their transformation process. You will have all the templates you need to send clients professional, automated communication for:  

  • Contracts

  • Surveys

  • Appointment Scheduling & Reminders

  • Program Resources

  • Invoices

  • Testimonial Requests 

You will be notified every time you need to take an action, whether it’s following up on a sales lead or reading a completed client survey. One organized dashboard will display your total coaching hours to date, project progress by client, outstanding payments, income projections, calendar, and sales cycle status. With full automation, your business will accomplish what it’s meant to: client transformation.


How It Works

I will walk you through an effortless 8-week process to:  

  • Discover your unique business needs

  • Design the platform

  • Review & refine

  • User Training  

You pick the paint colors and I’ll show up with ladders and brushes to paint the house. When my work is done, you’ll get the keys to an efficient, scalable, convenient home for your coaching business.


how it work new.jpg

Less Busywork and More Business Impact

You got into the coaching industry because you care about making a positive difference in the world. With Biz-In-a-Box, you can live in your strength and automate the rest. Click here to schedule your free intro call and find out how Biz-In-a-Box can work for you.