Off The Shelf: Biz-in-a-Box


Coach Business Operations Tool

Are you just starting out in organizing the operation of your coaching business? You know there could be a streamlined way to operate your business and yet it eludes. You know you are great coach, seeing transformation in your clients, and yet the mountain of a task of running a business has you second-guessing your desire to build a sustainable coaching practice. You have a litlte time to dedicate to setting up your business and need a model to follow.

This is the Go Time Solution

The Off The Shelf Biz-in-a-Box solution is a fully functioning tool that puts your business operations in one web tool. It comes with template contracts, client surveys, schedulers, email messages and automates the operation of your coaching programs. You can edit all of the templates to sound like you wrote it and match to any specific needs you have for executing your unique coaching programs. With this offering, the time from order to having your coaching biz-in-a-box is a quick two weeks.


 The Time is Now

Below is a form that lets you select your grab and go coaching business operation features. You are able to select the features you desire to have setup. A custom quote will be created and emailed to you within 24 hours.

If you would like to talk to CJ regarding the different business operation features that best fit your coaching business, schedule a call with her here.